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Fire Sprinkler System Installation Fort Collins CO

If you’re looking to install fire sprinklers in your Fort Collins CO home, business, or industrial property, we can help. With years of experience and the tools necessary for the job, we can make sure that your sprinkler installation or repair is done correctly and in a timely manner. We’ll work according to your deadlines and make sure that we fully understand your needs before beginning any job.

Fire sprinkler system installation, although having become cheaper over the years, is still an expensive and time consuming task. However, we here at Bershinsky Plumbing want to make sure you get the professional service you need at a reasonable price. Give us a call today for an estimate on your fire sprinkler system repair and installation needs!

How They Work?

Fire sprinklers are preventive measures used to help actively keep flames at bay in order to lengthen the time your house, business, or industrial property can stay intact. These measures have been extremely effective in the past, as 96% of all fires were contained in buildings where these sprinklers were put into place.

Fire sprinkler systems used pressurized water and large holding tanks to help spray burning areas quickly and consistently. The sprinkler heads themselves are activated by small glass bulbs or pieces of metal fused together by an alloy link which reacts to the heat. As the fire approaches, these bulbs or links break and allow water to flow through the line and spray down the surrounding area. This creates a useful system where fire sprinklers are only activated near the fire, resulting in higher amounts of pressure and reduced water damage.

Are They Effective?

These systems have proven to be extremely effective both putting out fires and preventing deaths and property damage. Buildings with sprinkler systems installed contain up to 96% of all building fires. The sprinklers themselves work 91% of the time, but when they don’t it’s generally due to an inspection where the system was shut off and never turned back on or tampering with the fire sprinklers themselves.

Additionally, in sprinklered homes where a fire may occur, the amount of deaths drop by 82%. For manufacturing facilities, it drops by 88%, and 66% in warehouses. The amount of damage caused by a fire also plummets when fire sprinkler systems are installed. For example, the average cost of repairs drops $13,000 if the home has been sprinklered. For restaurants an average of $53,000 in property damage is the norm after a severe fire, but with sprinklers installed, that number drops to only $13,000. As you can see, fire sprinkler systems not only save lives, but they save you money as well.

What Does Installation Look Like?

Installing a fire sprinkler system in your Fort Collins home or business isn’t necessarily a difficult process, as you just need to lay down the proper plumbing and connect it to a water source. However, while fire sprinkler system installation may be a simple process, the design isn’t. It requires a much more extensive knowledge of how much pressure will be needed in each area and the components that will then be needed to make it all happen.

For example, your home or business may be located in an area where low water pressure is the norm. These buildings generally require a water tank and pump to be installed, and will often require more maintenance. However, we may also decide to hook your fire sprinkler system into your main water line if enough water pressure is present. This will not only result in lower costs, but a simpler model requiring less upkeep and attention.

Fire Sprinkler System Costs In Fort Collins Colorado

Understanding the costs of fire sprinkler system repair or installation can be an essential part in forming your budget. Here’s a few basic price points you should take note of when it comes to fire sprinklers. While these prices may vary depending on the materials that will be used and whether we can tap into your main water line you should expect something similar on your home or business. Pricing often runs anywhere from $1-$2 per square foot for a new construction project, while retrofitting old building runs anywhere from $2-$7. If you’re looking at installing sprinklers in a historic building, you should expect to pay up to $10 per square foot. However, here at Bershinsky Plumbing in Fort Collins, we want to make sure that you get professional service at a fair price!

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